Services Offered

The following Services are currently available in the Philippines:

 Quality and Knowledge Management

  • To achieve high quality standards of measures and services, local implementation capacity, competence and expertise must be built at an early stage.
  • Target groups and stakeholders need to be informed about different options in a systematic manner to ensure high participation during planning and management.
  • Available technical and management options are adapted to preferences of stakeholders and target groups.
  • Increased efforts are made to standardize products and services in order to improve efficient dissemination.Prefab-Pic-4

Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System (DEWATS)

  • DEWATS projects support micro-small and medium-sized enterprises, institutions as well as public administrations in planning, designing and constructing effective, reliable, cost efficient and custom-made wastewater treatment systems.
  • Technical options within DEWATS are based on a modular and partly standardized design. DEWATS projects are carried out in Indonesia, India, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.
  • DEWATS is very flexible, walls can be constructed using locally available materials.

 Community Based Sanitation

  •  Improved public health and reduced water pollution.
  • Cooperation with communities, NGOs, key-stakeholders and political decision-makers.
  • Holistic project framework: Besides improving sanitation infrastructure, operation and maintenance systems must be developed with participating stakeholders that ensure the sustainability of measures to improve basic sanitation and community hygiene.

The following services are available through our South East Asia partner and BORDA:


 Decentralized Water Supply

  • Remote mountainous villages in Asia are often located far above streams and rivers.
  • As mechanical supplies are scarce, water-lifting services by Hydraulic Rams provide a continuous water supply for essential sanitation & agriculture purposes.
  • Appropriate capacity building measures ensure that villagers handle management tasks in co-operation with partner organizations.GoodPractice2_03

 Decentralized Renewable Energy

  •  Decentralized power generation by Micro Hydro Turbines that are powered by the flow-energy of mountain streams is a proven method to provide remote villages with electricity for productive and household purposes.
  • Partner organizations are trained to become “Micro-Utilities” and act as vital service providers in marginalized regions

Decentralized Solid Waste Management

  • A regular and environmentally friendly collection & disposal of solid waste is demanded by residents and local governments of Asian cities.
  • Good Practices of solid waste management are characterized by the 3 R principles: “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle”
  • Cooperation of residents, local waste pickers and local government departments is essential to plan lasting for decentralized solid waste management solutions.

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