DEWATS For Dumaguete Public Market

Domestic wastewater is the liquid component of waste removed from residences, businesses, and institutions. Wastewater from public markets is considered to be one of the major sources of domestic wastewater. Domestic wastewater generally includes material disposed of through toilets, sinks, and the like. It may also include partially treated industrial wastewater.

Public market wastewater must be treated and disposed of in a manner that minimizes potential harm to public health and detrimental impacts on the environment. Such of wastewater is mainly composed of suspended solids, high levels of organic material, fats, oil, and grease. When untreated wastewater is discharged to water bodies such as the sea, creeks, rivers and streams, it contaminates water with harmful bacteria and nutrients and also causes foul odors.

Without a treatment plant, the discharged wastewater quality does not meet Philippine effluent standards.